After the nutrition appointment your clients should be given access to Nutrium mobile app, to do that you need to access the last section of the appointment layout "Deliverables", you will find a section which says "Recommend our app". 

How to invite your clients:

  1. Ideally, your should have your clients email address. If that is the case, click in the button "Send access instructions to  client's email"
  2. If you do not have your client's email address Nutrium provides a random one, if that is the case you click on the circular green arrow and the software generates a random password. Provide your client with the email address and password generated. 

If you want to take the most advantage of all Nutrium features during your trial period and see what your clients can do with the mobile app just log in with the example client credentials. 

NOTE: If you try to access it with your professional account the software will not allow it. Thus, you need to use your example client email and password.

The mobile app is available in the App Store and Google Play. Once it's ready, type the example client email address and password.

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