Nutrition professionals must be able to attend their clients' needs even when they are not at the office, without compromising their privacy.

In this article we cover:

  1. How to access the professional mobile app;

  2. How to navigate the mobile app.

1. How to access the professional mobile app;

  • Go to the Apple Store or Google Play and download the app;

  • Log in using the same e-mail address and password you created to register Nutrium.

Please note that the Nutrium mobile app is available for professionals, and also for nutrition clients. What differs is the email you use to log in.

You can also give access to a mobile app to your clients, check here how to do it. When clients log in, the app allows them to check all your recommendations, chat with you, and keep track of their progress.

When you log in with your professional account, you are able to check your client list and exchange messages with them.

How to navigate the mobile app

This first version of the mobile app allows you to:

Exchange messages and check conversations with clients;

In "Open" you can check your current open conversations with clients, which are the ones that you have not addressed or still pending feedback from the client.

In "Archived" you can check the conversations you have archived. This includes queries that are already resolved and you decided to archive, or the automated messages sent by Nutrium whenever you update any clients' meal plans, recommendations, or appointments.

To archive a conversation, click over a message in Android or swipe left in iOS. You can always unarchive any conversations to bring them back to the Open section.

Browse or search for information about clients;

You can see your list of current clients and search for any specific name and check their basic information.

  • Go to the Clients tab and click on the chosen client;

  • In "Information", check all the basic information regarding the client;

  • In "Messages", you can check all the current conversations with that specific client;

How to send a message to a specific client:

If using the Android app, click in the orange Message button on the right to send a message to that client. If using the iOS app, click the message sign in at the top right.

Enable or disable notifications when clients send you messages;

You can choose to receive notifications whenever a client sends you a new message or disable these notifications when you take some time off.

Go to the menu section and select "Settings" to enable or disable this.

Our goal is to continue improving the mobile to allow professionals to manage their business one click away.

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