It is well established that dietary habits of women during pregnancy directly affect their baby's health thus, Nutrium is optimised to allow professionals to give the proper prenatal nutritional counselling required

When you register the client's gender as female the software will adapt its fields for a prenatal nutrition appointment

In the section 1. Information you will be able to register information about "Pregnancy History". When registering the last menstrual period of the client the software will determine in which trimester the pregnancy is and when the lactation period should begin. 

In the section 3. Measurements, new anthropometric measurements have been added: IgG and IgM, current weight. It is also important to record pre-pregancy weight by changing the date on the field weight to assess normal weight gain. 

In the section 4. Planning nutritional recommendations will also adapt according to the client's requirements, which differ in each trimester. 

To determine normal weight gain during pregnancy the software has integrated and grow chart with Institute of Medicine recommendations. To determine normal Body Mass Index progress the software has integrate Atalah's curves.

When assessing Daily Energy Expenditure the add additional energy requirements per trimester as well as macronutrients and fiber recommendations will be taken into account. 

And lastly, when analysing the meal plan on step 7, micronutrients recommendations will also be automatically adapted. 

If you want to know more detailed information about this adaptation, check the article on our blog

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