Nutrium is a very intuitive software, developed to assess nutrition professionals during their appointments.

So you can enjoy your experience as much as possible, here are the main features available on the software.

1. Explore the example appointment

The first step is to start the appointment with a patient we have created so you can learn which are the fields you can register on the software.

In there you can:

  • Register information about the patient in the section "Information";
  • Register anthropometric measurements in the section "Measurements";
  • Plan the patient's energetic requirements in the section "Planning"
  • Create meal plans in the section "Meals";
  • Give additional recommendations in the section "Recommendations";
  • Analyse graphics of your meal plan in "Analysis";
  • Choose how to deliver all the information in the last section, "Deliverables".

Please make sure to complete the appointment clicking on the flag icon so that you can start new appointments later on. 

2. Recommend the mobile app to your patients

In order to make your nutrition office even more innovative, we have developed a mobile app just for your patients. Only you give exclusive access, allowing them to check their meal plan and chat with you, as well as many other features.

Check out this article
"How do I test Nutrium's mobile app?" to learn more.

3. Schedule a new appointment and register a new patient

To schedule an appointment in Nutrium, you just need to access the software's calendar. Check out our article "How do I create a new appointment?" to learn how to do it.

If you wish to register a new patient and want to know how, check out this article "How can I register a new patient?"

4. Personalize Nutrium with your logo

Nutrium allows you to deliver to your patients all documents personalized with your logo. To know more check out this article "How do I add my logo to the meal plan?".

5. Try out additional features

After exploring the software's main features you can explore additional features to make your work even more dynamic.

  • Send messages to your patients so they can get motivated to follow their meal plan;
  • Create meal plans templates so you just need to adapt them according to each patient's specific needs;
  • Create recipes so you can send your patients with the meal plan;
  • Create equivalents lists/food groups if you normally recommend food equivalents on the meal plan:
  • Add a secretary to help you manage your nutrition business.

Got any doubts? We are available to answer them on the software's chat or access our FAQ page to learn more about what you can do with Nutrium and innovate your business. 

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